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As the hysteria of the current World Cup in Russia winds down with a much anticipated finale on Sunday the 15th, long-term planners already have their sights set on Qatar 2022. Though many want to go, only few can because of finances and poor planning. This is where we come in. AtKudy Financials Limited, we would like to make that option a definite possibility; we want to make it fun for you to save towards the next World Cup.

We are raising the sum of One Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($100,000.00) to be invested towards attending the tournament, the first ever to hold in the Middle East. As we know, the Middle Easterners do not do things halfway. This World Cup is poised to be supercharged with as much futuristic technology as adrenaline, which the host country is known for. Not one to miss, is it?

Okay, I have heard you. Tell me about this Fund.

For this fund, we have reduced our minimum investment to One Hundred US Dollars ($100.00) only. You can top up your investment with multiples of $100.00 at any time during the journey towards the World Cup over a period of four years, only if we still have the fund available. The maximum savings you can hold in this fund is $5,000.00.

Your investment will yield average three months US Inflation plus 2.5% every quarter of the year. This may sound like Greek, so I will explain it a little bit more. Let’s say you invest in the fund on September 30, the end of the third quarter of the year. Your investment will run till December 31. After that, we will look at inflation data in the US in October, November and December. Assuming each month ended with inflation figure of exactly 3.0%. The average will be 3.0% (9% divided by 3). We will now add 2.5% on the 3.0% to make 5.5%. Since inflation is usually annualised, we will then divide this 5.5% by 4, because there are four quarters in the year. After this division, you will get 1.375%. Assuming you invested $100.00 initially, your fund will now grow to $101.38. If you invest $100.00 every month, we will prorate the return on the investment. So, if you do this, you will end up with principal of $300.00 and accrued interest of $2.75, which is total investment of $302.75.

The interest will be paid quarterly — March, June, September and December. If your investment is less than $5,000.00, your interest will be added to your current principal. If your investment is already at $5,000.00, you can either have your interest paid to you directly or reinvested into our other fund options. It does not matter at what point in a given quarter you invest, your interest will be prorated accordingly.

But this rate is too small!

Or is it? Consider that this fund is US dollar-denominated, compared to the fixed income investment return rate in Nigerian Naira. Also, inflation has been accounted for to ensure that you are making a real return on your savings towards the World Cup.

You may get much higher returns if you invest in Naira; however, there are risks associated. For instance, there is no guarantee that the Naira-Dollar exchange rate will remain constant over the next four years. You will also need to convert your Naira savings to US Dollars and/or Qatari Riyal for expenditure such as match tickets, flights, accommodation, entertainment, et cetera.

Also these kind of rates are way higher than most investment with the same level of safety we intend to provide for the investors.

Oh, is that why you called it a guaranteed fund?

Yes, Indeed. It is a guaranteed fund because your savings will be backed by the safest collateral in the world — the US Treasury Bonds. The current 4-year bond yield, as at the time of this publication is 2.79% per annum, but you are going to be getting a lot higher than that. This means that the return Kudy Financials will be getting from the collateral is actually lower than the return we will be providing to you.

You may be wondering if this set up is at all tenable and profitable even; well, it is. But there is a catch :). For every $1.00 you save in the Guaranteed Fund, we will invest $0.50 in the US Treasury Bonds. There will be alternatives to invest the rest in such a manner to ensure that your promised rates are met. So, it does not matter what happens to the underlying instrument, your principal and interest are guaranteed. You have our word. The only time we might have a problem is if the US Government defaults on the underlying Bonds, and we know that the chances of that happening is next to zero.

When will the fund mature?

The Qatar Fund will mature exactly 6 months to the beginning of Qatar 2022 World Cup so you have time to book your tickets, accommodation and other stuff. At maturity, all your savings plus interest will be sent back to you and the fund will close.

How large will be fund be?

The fund will be limited to $100,000.00 for now because of the guaranteed feature. However, if we see rapid uptake, we are open to enlarging it by another $100,000.00.

So, you can take your time to save towards the tournament. We are going to make it fun for you to save. Just watch.

What if I want to withdraw my savings before the maturity?

Things happen that no one can predict. There is a lock in period of 6 months for the fund. After that, you can withdraw as much as you want. No questions asked. But your investment should not fall below $500.00 at any time.

Okay, I have heard all your stories. What’s your management fee?

Zero. Yes, you heard that right. There are no hidden charges.

However, there is a caveat: you will be charged ONLY for bank transfer charges if you liquidate your holdings before maturity, except your liquidation meets any of the following conditions:

  1. You are liquidating to Access Bank
  2. You are liquidating to GTBank
  3. You are willing to accept the Nigerian Naira (we will convert at market rate for that day)
  4. Any investment held to maturity

What are the next steps?

If you are ready to save up for the next World Cup, fill our application form here:

Follow the instructions for payment and your account will be created.

Note: We are not licensed by SEC Nigeria, but we have a fund manager’s license in the Cayman Islands. To that end, this is not a solicitation for investment from the Nigerian public. You only got this because you know us or you were referred by one of our friends. To invest with a SEC registered fund manager, kindly go SEC Nigeria website to see the list of such managers.



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