Introducing The Kudy InfoSeries

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2 min readMay 5, 2022

Beginning this May, we are initiating the Kudy InfoSeries, which will be a company-wide curated content for our clients, to increase your knowledge of the instruments which we invest your funds in.

This series will simplify terms, provide context to the structure and makeup of the instruments, how they work, associated interests and risks; and other information we find relevant to keep you enlightened.

It’s the second of a couple of short-term client engagement gigs we are rolling out at Kudy to help you see that we are not only a sanctuary for you and your investments, but also one for your financial knowledge, which is our primal brand promise.

Alongside teaching and educating, we also believe it serves better when good things are rewarded. This is where our third gig comes in.

As clients and investors, you will be rewarded for hitting certain milestones on your investment journey with us. The rewards will vary depending on what percentage of the target per client is met; but it sure will be a grand time along the way. Who knows? You might be winning a prized NFT for hitting a target.

The first of these gigs have since been deployed and some clients have been enjoying it already. If you’re wondering what it could be; well, it’s a little touch of thoughtfulness and kindness from all of us at Kudy.

Grow with us, let us keep being your financial sanctuary



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